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You Get Personalization Software,Product & Content Recommendations,a Customer Data Platform, Personalization Across All Channels

You Get

Connect and activate your customer data across all channels and platforms with premium personalization and a Customer Data Platform

Join 300+ customers worldwide

The future is about delivering personalized customer experiences

Raptor Services is a market-leading Personalization and Customer Data Platform provider creating relevant experiences from customer data.

Our solutions enable you to:

  • Recognize users and their behavior across channels and platforms
  • Offer personalized content and product recommendations
  • Make all customers’ data available through the CDP in all marketing-channels

Customer Data Platform

Offer personalized customer experiences by unifying customers’ touchpoints across all platforms and channels. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) makes it possible to give a personal impression no matter where you meet your customer.

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Combine the ability to Merchandise products while maintaining the power of relevance, which in the end will boost your campaign performance.

Utilizes your recommendation modules as advertising space on the channel of your choice.

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Website Personalization

Empower real-time personalized product recommendations that can help you create a unique shopping experience every time. 

Giving customers a unique experience increases your basket size, order value, revenue per visit and improves the customer experience significantly. Personalization is customer service in all the places your customers need it.

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E-mail & Triggers

Highly personalized e-mails with product recommendations tailored to the individual subscriber.

Personalized product recommendations in your e-mails will inspire your subscribers to engage and convert.

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Advertising Personalization

Stand out in your paid media channels with personalized messaging to be the thumb stopping moment. Improve your product selection by delivering personalized product or content recommendations in your advertising that will increase the click- and engagement rate.

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Advertising Personalization

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We’re ready to develop any integration you need

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ZERV boosted their conversion rate by 294%

If you work with e-mail marketing, you know how long it takes to set up an e-mail flow with relevant recommendations. Imagine doing that for 13 different online stores at the same time.

Webinars & Events

How to start thinking Customer Data Platform

WEBINAR: 30 minutes onHow to start thinking Customer Data PlatformInfo Format: WebinarDate: 10th of FebruaryTime: 10.00 - 10.30 (am) Speaker: Jeppe Godske Olsen (Raptor Services) The webinar was held in DanishDo you really understand what your customer wants?  ...

Guides & Whitepapers

E-book: Customer Data Platform: Your Complete Guide

Download here Fill out the form below to get your Complete CDP Guide. ⬇ What Is The CDP Guide About? The Customer Data Platform (CDP) solves one of the hardest challenges facing businesses today: To unify customer data across the organization, including known user...

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We work with the best and the brightest in their fields. Whether it is food, fashion or farming, we help our customer exceed their expectations and create personalized experiences across all touchpoints.

“At Shoe-d-vision, our main goal is to be the favorite footwear supplier for your family. By partnering with Raptor Services, we’ve been able to improve the online shopping experience with personalized recommendations and relevance in all our channels. We couldn’t be happier with the impact it’s had on our customer loyalty and increased online revenue.”

Ulrik Egede Christensen

Omnichannel Manager, Skoringen

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